Aliexpress Review Importer Upgrade

We are excited to announce an upgrade to our Aliexpress Review Importer feature, designed to provide you with an even more incredible experience. We have received tremendous feedback from our dedicated users who love this feature, and we have listened attentively.
In response to your valuable input, we have worked diligently to enhance and optimize the functionality of the "Aliexpress Review Importer." Our team has moved swiftly to ensure that the feature meets your expectations and surpasses them.
And don't forget, even with this upgrade, our Aliexpress Review Importer feature will continue to be available to you free of charge.
Exciting Updates to the Aliexpress Review Importer! Discover What's in Store for You:
Import Reviews to Your Heart's Content! (up to 700 reviews )
Here's a Sneak Peek of the Upgrades. Get Ready to Be Amazed!

Import Reviews to Your Heart's Content!

Now you can import up to 700 reviews in AlphaReview, regardless of whether you are a paid user or not. Previously, AlphaReview's system reviewed 700 reviews from Aliexpress and if certain criteria were applied, you may have been able to import fewer reviews than expected. However, our improved system ensures that reviews will now be imported exactly as intended.

Experience Faster Imports

Reviews will be imported within 15-30 minutes. In cases where there is a delay based on your specified criteria, rest assured that reviews already present in the AlphaReview system will be imported first within this timeframe. The remaining reviews will be imported sequentially.

Enhanced Import Notifications

We understand the inconvenience of not being able to track your import status. That's why we have implemented email notifications to keep you informed. If an import seems to be taking longer than usual, we will notify you via email. Additionally, we have made improvements to the import history modal in our admin interface, providing you with more specific import status updates.

Conveniently View and Manage Imported Reviews

Once the import is completed, you can easily view all the imported reviews just in one-click. This feature allows you to manage the reviews you have imported with comfort and ease.
These are the updates we have prepared for you this time. We extend our sincere gratitude for your continued support and trust in our app. Our commitment remains steadfast in delivering exceptional features that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If you have any further requests or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support channel. We are always ready to listen to you.
Stay tuned for upcoming releases as we continue working on more tremendous features to enhance your experience.